I've created a small tool that provides randomly generated fantasy location snippet. It's system-agnostic and I hope it will serve me and zasvid (and maybe others too!) as an inspiration when creating some ad-hoc locations during our game sessions. I will probably be updating it behind the scenes from time to time.


Pharata is not an old city, but it's still proud of its roots. The date it is considered to have been founded is not only carved in stone standing in front of the main plaza, but also celebrated each year with several days of festivities famous in the region. There are food stalls, merchant booths, podiums where local artists can showcase their talents, and, most importantly, a competition. The competition consists of several categories that everyone can enter: first three places in each contest earn the participants points.

Pharata is a small but prominent city with its share of rich noblemen: some gregarious, brave and strong, and others less so. Lord Rusk considers himself to be a fine example of the first category. Unfortunately his only son, Zahar, was born frail, and his preference to spend days writing poetry and daydreaming made him introverted and awkward. Lord Rusk’s ambition can’t countenance a nerdy heir and so he decides to teach Zahar how to be a proper noble. The first lesson is going to be a glorious hunting party with slavering hounds.

Athkatla,  from 10th day of Marpenoth to the end of the month, the Year of Shadows

Amelis, well-rested and relieved from stress, returns to Athkatla and heads straight to Orrin Jewelry. She meets Zepidar, who reports that the accounts were settled without difficulty at the end of the quarter. However, he reveals another problem that he tried and failed to solve on his own (to spare her worries during her vacation) – all other employees of Orrin Jewelry quit.

Dome of the Rose, Athkatla

From sunset on 5th of Eleint to morning on 7th of Eleint, the Year of Shadows

Amelis Orrin wakes up on a bench arranged comfortably for restful sleep amidst a garden full of sweet-smelling flowers. Above her head the birds are chirping, the leaves rustle in light breeze and the sunset is bathing everything in orange and rosy light. Amelis stands up and wonders where she is. She hears someone calmly calling: "She's awake!".

Tormite camp in the forest of Cormanthor. Last two weeks of Kythorn 1372 DR

The party returns to the camp in the morning. Selia is visibly distraught by the happenings of the night – it’s the first time she has ever contributed to someone’s death. Keldoth walks beside her in silence. Hervor, whose behavior last night was clearly not approved by Selia, tries to argue that he was justified to kill the drow, as they are inherently evil. Selia is not convinced.

The year started with dwarves entering a new land. Led by a young princess, they wanted to carve their own destinies and create a kingdom just as great – or even greater – than the one they left. They decided to settle in a small grotto in the mountains. Nearby rapids and a river provided fresh water and fish, which made the place almost perfect. Almost. The grotto was quite small and only the new queen and her entourage could fit inside. The artisans, servants and common folk had to settle in the tents in front of the gate.

Rauthauvyr's Road, on the way to the Abbey of the Sword, at the edge of the forest of Cormanthor.

Second week of Kythorn, 1372 DR

During a visitation with her dad, Veleris learns of a Skovlander preacher that’s become an inconvenience and needs to be disposed of. To whom he has become an inconvenience, Lady Raven decided not to pry. Vitlock makes it clear that both him and the whole family will benefit from the job getting done. He stresses that the agitator needs to serve as an example. And what are the best examples, if not gruesome? Veleris, although not a fan of things gruesome and vile, obliges. Family honor above all.

Amelis finally receives a response from lady Alliana Colwyvv after sending her a gift along with a letter about a tenday before. It is a polite thank you note that implies the old lady no longer harbors ill will towards the jeweler. Amelis is elated that lady Colwyvv's slighted ego has been appeased. While she hoped for a complete turnaround of the relationship based on the worth of the gifted carcanet, after “the month of Beshaba's titter", even this small victory feels like a complete success.