Blazzu, a fresh graduate of starship captain studies, went to his first job interview. The ad in the newspaper was pretty vague and slightly suspect, but Blazzu knew that he could not be choosy. He needed 3000 hours of proven service time in order to qualify for Full Captain Licence that would allow him to oversee class 2 starships. Without it, he could only work on small, unremarkable and probably smelly private cargo ships.

We've made a game! It’s free, though you can pay if you would like to do so. It's available on

I’ve made For the Cats mostly for one reason: I wanted feedback. My previous (and first ever) Interactive Fiction game, Snowed In, was played a few times, but never reviewed. I had no idea if it was hated, loved or received with a lukewarm shrug. I wanted to know if my IF games are any fun to the audience. Am I on the right path? Is my effort worthwhile? Or am I wasting time and should move on to some other hobby?

We played a game of Geiger Counter set in Warhammer Fantasy. Since Geiger Counter is intended for 5–7 players, we've decided to make 6 characters for our survival horror imagined movie.

The Trailer
Fishermen see a Norscan Drakkar approaching the coast. Fearing a raid, they raise an alarm.

Then, a child playing in the cliffs beyond the village's rocky beach looks on at the wrecked drakkar, stuck between the rocks, with no signs of life on it.

The tile of the movie flashes as the lightning strikes: The Drakkar.

The Abbey of the Just Hammer in the Dalelands at the beginning of Kythorn in the Year of Wild Magic

The Abbey of the Just Hammer in the Dalelands at the beginning of Kythorn in the Year of Wild Magic

Next morning, Tyspian and Selia spar in the courtyard. Tyspian is impressed by Selia’s technique, but not so much with her strength – it’s clear that she’s struggling with the heavy training shield. He advises Selia to spend a few months with heavy weights. Selia is eager to lift every day.

Veleris Stiblett's mom, Sabetha, puts Veleris in touch with Millizent Hedgell, a Silkshore bouquet-maker whose issues were taken care of by the Stibletts back in the day when Vitlock was a godfatherly figure around Fogcrest.

Perfect unrevised is a game of oppression and resistance in a dystopian steampunk setting. It is designed for a one-off session or even a mini-campaign for 2-4 people. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone due to its drastic subject matter, but it has some unique elements that make it worth trying.

Lord Strangford's leviathan hunting charts have been stolen during a burglary. Lord Strangford demands that whoever was audacious enough to do that must disappear. His underhand man has enlisted the Pied Ravens for that purpose, as it is the Wraiths who've done the espionage and there aren't many takers on tracking them down and messing with them.

The Abbey of the Just Hammer in the Dalelands at the beginning of Kythorn in the Year of Wild Magic