Faithseeker: Adventures of Selia Amberthil

Finding faith, one deity at a time

Here we recount the tale of Selia Amberthil, an aasimar fulfilling Lei's desire to play a classic Lawful Good sort of character for a change, an unironic do-gooder who wants to make friends and save the world. The game was set in Forgotten Realms.

It's an actual play blast from the past: a campaign we played in 2012 and haven't previously published. ZasVid has purchased a dead-tree copy of "Faiths and Pantheons" at the time and decided to base a whole campaign on that sourcebook.

The campaign spanned 20 sessions and was successfully concluded instead of cancelled or put on hold. Selia found her calling, for better or worse, and we enjoyed a trip through the heartlands of Faerûn.

We played using the World of Dark Fantasy, a hack of the Storytelling system, as Burning Wheel has not changed our lives yet back then.