Selia's Character Sheet

For the Faithseeker campaign we used an interactive character sheet for Dark Ages created by Mr Gone (check out his website of character sheet goodness).

This is the character sheet at the end of the campaign with spoilers regarding its conclusion scrubbed.

If anyone is curious how the character changed throughout the game, this is how:

  • after 1st session, Selia gained a mentor: Eghlen of Harrowdale, for 6 xp.
  • after 5th session, Selia learned to Ride for 3 xp.
  • after 6th session, Selia became more competent socially, spending 9xp for ● in Empathy, Persuasion and Socialise.
  • after 11th session, Selia gained a powerful friend for 30xp.
  • after 15th session, Selia earned regard in a city in Cormyr for 2 xp.
  • after 16th session, Selia's Resources went up for 6 xp.
  • after 19th session, she forged new ties in the world, gaining Contacts, Allies and Status in a her chosen Cult.


Character Sheet of Selia Amberthil