Faithseeker 1: Marching Out


World of Darkness

Faithseeker: Adventures of Selia Amberthil
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For as long as she remembered, Selia Amberthil wanted to leave her hometown. She longed to experience the thrills of adventuring that Maestril, her foster mother and a retired fortune-seeker, so vividly described as bedtime stories. Selia also hoped to learn more about herself, and felt that she couldn’t do that without leaving: after all, she was the only aasimar in Feather Falls or perhaps even the entire Featherdale. Her foster mother claimed she found her alone in a sunny glade, crying, when she was just a little baby. Such mysterious origins hinted at great destiny — and Selia was eager to embrace it.

Maestril advised her that she should not just wander about, hoping that destiny finds her. She should rather search for something more tangible. Something to do. A quest of sorts. The seasoned adventuress explained how one can find such a quest in a tavern by gossiping with patrons or by perusing ancient books or by escorting someone who already knows where they want to go!

The last suggestion was spurred on by the sight of Eghlen, a monk of Ogh Muna, who was staying in Feather Falls for the past few days. He was gathering lore about the local folk and cults. Since he was efficient about his task, the day of his departure was coming soon. Maestril noticed that under the frock Eghlen had all the hallmarks of a retired fighting man. She considered him a perfect mentor — and chaperone — for her adolescent daughter.

Maestril, with her gruff veteran's voice, requested that the monk bring Selia with him on the road and show her a wanderer's life. Eghlen was happy to have company and agreed without hesitation. Before parting with her family, Selia figured out a goal: she would pick Eghlen’s brain for religious knowledge and she'd select an altorn Power from amongst those revered by cults they'll see during their journey. Right now she was rather ignorant in matters of religion, and she wanted to change it. Her foster parents were glad this was her quest. They both wished her luck and only asked her to come back sometime. Selia departed with a promise that as soon as she embraces a Power as her altorn deity, she will visit them and share the good news.

During the first days of Selia's and Eghlen's journey, the monk spoke as much as he could of Ogh Muna, afterlife and advantages living a religious life provided. Selia was an avid listener who always tried to ask meaningful questions, and was genuenly curious about the subject of faith. Whenever Eghlen got tired of talking, Selia took a small lyre from her backpack and played. Her celestial tunes energised them and soothed their nerves. Selia also proved her worth as a bodyguard when a group of ragged bandits ambushed them. She not only managed to subdue the attackers, but also tended to their wounds afterwards. In exchange, the bandits promised to never engage in criminal activities again. Whether the kept their promise remained a mystery for Selia, as she and Eghlen moved further away from Feather Falls without looking back.