Faithseeker 4: Torm's Mighty Hammer

Faithseeker: Adventures of Selia Amberthil
Number of players

The Abbey of the Just Hammer in the Dalelands at the beginning of Kythorn in the Year of Wild Magic

Eghlen leads Selia, Keldoth and Hervor to the Abbey of the Just Hammer. The road takes them through the Dun Hills, where wild ponies prance on grassy braes. Selia—who has only ever seen domesticated Dales Ponies so far, occasionally accompanying travellers passing through Feather Falls—is fascinated. She comes closer, pets them and even tries to tame one. This proves unfeasible, as the ponies, even though friendly enough to stand calmly while being petted, are not willing to follow her or wear a makeshift harness fashioned out of a rope. Selia is devastated, but Eghlen comforts her by pointing out that the abbey will have a stable full of riding ponies, and she surely could ask one of the monks there to let her spend some time with their animals, perhaps get a riding lesson.

During the journey, Selia asks each of her companions for a story about their past. Eghlen shares his views on the Maalthiir’s rule over Hillsfar and the Great Law of Humanity. He is very critical of the merchant-wizard, and visibly shaken by the misdeeds of the Red Plumes. Keldoth tells Selia how he, Hervor and their party overthrew an evil tyrant reigning north of Moonsea, and then the two of them made away with the treasure together, leaving the rest of the party empty-handed. Hervor protests that it’s not what happened and that Keldoth is a horrible liar, but Selia remains unconvinced.

A few days after they left Blackfeather Bridge, the party arrives at the Abbey of the Just Hammer. Eghlen takes care of accommodations for everyone, and also asks his friend, a  monk of Torm, to lecture Selia on the philosophy of the True Power. Selia agrees with the tenets of Torm Tyrambar's ideology, but is quickly bored by the book-learning approach. The monk, Thiar, suggests another route: sparring with the Knights of the Merciful Sword at the abbey's training grounds. Their trainer, Galber, mocks Selia's aspirations to warriorhood. He invites her to a test duel, during which he quickly defeats her, as she struggles with a heavy shield and a blunted broadsword. When Galber's mocking intensifies, a young man in silvery armor steps forward to defend Selia’s honor. He reminds Galber of his duties as a teacher and the humble beginnings of every student at arms. Galber backs off, but Selia is disheartened and doesn’t want to train anymore. The young man, who introduces himself as Tyspian, offers to show her around they abbey.