Faithseeker 5: The Prancing Ponies

Faithseeker: Adventures of Selia Amberthil
Number of players

The Abbey of the Just Hammer in the Dalelands at the beginning of Kythorn in the Year of Wild Magic

Next morning, Tyspian and Selia spar in the courtyard. Tyspian is impressed by Selia’s technique, but not so much with her strength – it’s clear that she’s struggling with the heavy training shield. He advises Selia to spend a few months with heavy weights. Selia is eager to lift every day.

They also talk about the Dales and Selia mentions how entranced she is with the Dales Ponies. Tyspian is happy to help Selia realize her dream and organizes a pony-riding lesson with the abbey’s equerry. He cheers her learning efforts from the sidelines.

During the lesson, a group of patrolmen arrives at the stables. They are visibly agitated. They discovered traces of poachers hunting wild ponies. When Selia hears that, she immediately volunteers her sword and shield to the cause. She can’t let anyone harm those beautiful creatures! Tyspian doesn’t stay behind idly either. The knights accept their help and next morning, they depart to the hills.

The poachers’ trail leads the party to the cave under a steep hill. Selia uses her powers to light the way, as the party moves through dark corridors. After quite a trudge they find a room splattered with blood, with stacks of meat piled against the walls. Two poachers, caught in the act of butchering a carcass, drop their tools and run away in panic. Tyspian manages to catch the first one and pushes him to the ground. Selia runs after the second one, leaving the knights without any source of light in the cave. She knocks the poacher about, but after a brief struggle, he slips away. Fortunately, two knights were guarding the cave’s entrance and they catch the dazed poacher with ease. Selia realizes she left her comrades in the dark and rushes back to the butchery. Fortunately, nothing threatened the party while she was gone, but the leader of the mission is clearly unhappy with Selia’s lack of discipline. They secure the evidence, hogtie the poachers and go back to the Abbey. Selia’s so tired that she immediately falls asleep once she reaches her room in the Tyrembar’s Hammer Inn.