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With the deployment of the Pied Crows to spy constantly on Slate, the Wraiths' leader, Veleris learns his identity — he is Laudius, a legal clerk frustrated with his career reaching a glass ceiling due to his social class and therefore lack of connections. To determine how to best hit at Laudius, Veleris gathers information on his gang's affiliations: their cooperation with the Cabbies and enmity from Bluecoats, Inspectors and the Hive, Lady Raven formulates a plan to turn around her father's conviction on SLate.

Bird from Beyond brings a strange letter to Kana. It's a scroll written in an alphabet replete with thick, disconnected, angular symbols with plenty of straight vertical lines, almost like an adorned bar code. Kana finds it worrisome, mostly because she didn't consider that the Bird from Beyond could act with such independence. She uses an encrypted app to message Guramrit Sial, the scientist who was involved in her bonding with the Bird from Beyond, for consultation on this incident.

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One day out on the town, Veleris Stiblett runs into Lucretsia Hojenova, who she knows from studies in Cloudspire. Lucretsia was a teacher's assistant when Veleris started her graduate studies. They go out for tea and catch up. Both start somewhat reserved, but ultimately find much common ground, since Lucretsia has fled Cloudspire due to unethical experiments she conducted with her husband (who was arrested). Veleris has her own story and an opportunity for Lucretsia. As Crescent, Hojenova becomes a Pied Raven.

Djaghada is hard at work, tending hyenas, when she’s approached by lord Rusk’s servant, urgently requesting her to come to the Rusk estate. Djaghada, thinking it’s a new job request, happily obliges. When she arrives at the estate, she notices everything is in disarray: the gates are half-open, servants are frantically running around, and there is nobody at the door to announce her presence to the lord. Djaghada decides to not let etiquette stop her and confidently walks inside, finds lord Rusk in his study and greets him like an old friend.

Orient Express is a fun little adventure that gives the GM a lot of freedom regarding happenings during the game session, with many interesting hooks. It could be played by many different groups in completely different ways and with different results. I could easily see it serving as a one-shot scenario for Chronicles of Darkness or Call of Cthulhu. As it was a birthday surprise session for zasvid, I tried a minimalist mechanical approach, Roll for Shoes.

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Janina Nowak is an inspector for Sanepid (Polish equivalent for OSHA) in Warsaw. A single woman in her forties, she is a grounded individual with a no-nonsense attitude. Her life is comfortably boring and predictable, until one day she is called to inspect a building where workers are reported to unexpectedly faint and hallucinate…

Essembra, fifteenth day of the month of Flamerule 1372 DR

Essembra, first days of the month of Flamerule 1372 DR

Selia Amberthil and her friends arrive to Essembra without much trouble. They are in splendid moods, as they passed their time telling ghost stories – a subject that started with Eghlen recalling the tale of the Aencar’s Manor while they were walking by that menacing building. Hervor was especially prolific and he used all his bardic powers to entertain others without scaring them too much. Thanks to that, Selia’s opinion about him improved a little.

After a night of heavy drinking, Djaghada wakes up in the hyena pen. She looks to the right and jumps up in horror, suddenly fully awake. A dead goat, right next to her! She looks around but hyenas are innocently playing at the other side of the pen. Djaghada decides to throw out the suspicious cadaver and goes back to sleep.

Pharata is not an old city, but it's still proud of its roots. The date it is considered to have been founded is not only carved in stone standing in front of the main plaza, but also celebrated each year with several days of festivities famous in the region. There are food stalls, merchant booths, podiums where local artists can showcase their talents, and, most importantly, a competition. The competition consists of several categories that everyone can enter: first three places in each contest earn the participants points.