The Pied Ravens claim the Crow Hatchery


Blades in the Dark

The Pied Ravens of Doskvol
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One day out on the town, Veleris Stiblett runs into Lucretsia Hojenova, who she knows from studies in Cloudspire. Lucretsia was a teacher's assistant when Veleris started her graduate studies. They go out for tea and catch up. Both start somewhat reserved, but ultimately find much common ground, since Lucretsia has fled Cloudspire due to unethical experiments she conducted with her husband (who was arrested). Veleris has her own story and an opportunity for Lucretsia. As Crescent, Hojenova becomes a Pied Raven.

The Score 
The twins, Orth and Mira, who Lady Raven has employed for the previous score, come to her and incite her to action on behalf of their peers from Crow Hatchery — a halfway house for teenage orphans in servants' quarters of an apartmentalised townhouse in Crow's Foot, where they are tyrannized by an elderly overseer. The twins swear that there's loot in this and they could get everyone there to work as a gang for the Pied Ravens.

Lady Raven agrees, the twins let her and Orlan in, and they sneak up on the teenagers' tyrant and make sure she disappears. The teenagers then let them know about the haunted office on top floor and how this was a training facility for the Crows, where they turned orphans into spies and thieves for the gang. Since the Crows are in some disarray due to their leader's death, the Pied Ravens can claim it as they new turf, with the twins running it for Lady Raven.

Lucretsia Crescent gets invited in to deal with the haunting and she wrecks the ghost's room, banishing it and allowing the crew to loot the office.

Tier increases, the Pied Crows become a full-fledged gang with the twins in charge and their fellow teenage orphans filling out the count of tier 1 scale skulks.

The crew gets a claim: turf, losing status with the Crows.

Both main characters:
*indulge their vices,
*do some training, 
*work on legalising turf claim and discovering identity of the Wraiths' leader.