The Pied Ravens turn Slate in


Blades in the Dark

The Pied Ravens of Doskvol
Number of players

With the deployment of the Pied Crows to spy constantly on Slate, the Wraiths' leader, Veleris learns his identity — he is Laudius, a legal clerk frustrated with his career reaching a glass ceiling due to his social class and therefore lack of connections. To determine how to best hit at Laudius, Veleris gathers information on his gang's affiliations: their cooperation with the Cabbies and enmity from Bluecoats, Inspectors and the Hive, Lady Raven formulates a plan to turn around her father's conviction on SLate.

The Score
The Pied Crows have found one of the secret roof shacks where the Wraiths' stash their equipment for their jobs — including clothes. As they have observed Slate dressed for crimes, they point out his and Lucretsia bugs them with a voice-recording device.

Listening to the recording recovered after a meetup of the Wraiths, the Pied Ravens learn about the plan to make off with copies of documents being audited by the law firm for which Laudius works. 

Lucretsia sabotages Slate's favorite cabby's cab to break on the return trip from audit. The Pied Crows steal his criminal clothes while he's doing crimes during his day job.

Once the cab breaks, Lady Raven's plan is set in motion and the Pied Crows plant the Wraiths' paraphernalia in the cab when it breaks down just before the Bluecoats arrive, tipped off by a respectable Hive-affiliated merchant. They search the cab and beat Laudius up.

Finally, Lucretsia doctors a recording of Slate to contain an admission of a frame job on Vitlock Stiblett and he is exonerated after the wheels of Doskvol justice get greased a little.

Vitlock is interrogated before leaving, tells the prison guards he's proud of his daughter.
Veleris indulges her family obligations by touring the old contacts in Fogcrest.
Lucretsia parties to blow some steam off, wearing her fancy clothes.

Training (Lucretsia Crescent insight, Lady Raven prowess)
Heat reduced through consorting with all the new friends: -2.

The Pied Ravens change crew type from Assassins to Shadows.
Orlan Michter leaves the crew to become a spirit security specialist for the Hive.
1 crew skill and 2 crew upgrades become free to reassign.